Meticulously pieced together...

A review for 'Night after Night', by Reviewed in Aeroplane Magazine October 2022

The result of much research and investigation by Langevad.   Meyer's wartime career has been meticulously pieced together... this is a most intereesting story that reads well..

An outstanding book

A review for 'Night after Night', by Reviewed on Netgalley June 2022

An outstanding book about a Bomber Command pilot, William (Bill) Meyer, and his crew members during the Battle of the Ruhr in WW2. The author has clearly put a lot of effort into researching the histories of the main character and the men that he flew with, on his terrifying operations into Germany and occupied Europe.

I have a massive amount of empathy for the bomber crews, my Father served as a Wireless Operator in a Lancaster during the same campaigns as Bill. He only just survived his designated tour, after many near fatal operations, which I discovered in his log book. Like most veterans, he hardly ever spoke about his missions, but his stories of the RAF selection process and life off-duty totally aligned with the author’s descriptions.

Luella Langevad, the author, is a skilled, passionate, writer who fully understands the bravery of these extraordinary airmen who risked their lives on a nightly basis. She puts a human sensitive touch into her descriptions of the crews.

I wont reveal Bill's secret, because it my spoil the plot!

A great account that should be read by all.

A review for 'Night after Night', by Ron B

What a riveting account of what the RAF Bomber personnel endured during the war. The horrors and terrible conditions they were able to overcome was inspirational. A great account that should be read by all.