October 09, 2022

We recently stayed in Germany near the village of Zillhausen where Bill’s Lancaster was shot down.  We visited the memorial to Bill and his crew.  In the 1940’s the whole area was fields and forest but now there are houses lining the small road that leads to the fields where the memorial stands.     Every year we visit the memorial and leave flowers always including seven roses, one for each member of the crew.   Standing there we reflect …

Fast movers!

August 09, 2022

Bill’s crew were both resourceful and inventive in their determination to make the most of their time off.  At Bardney, as well as making off with the first handy bicycle on leaving the pub with a deadline to get back to base by - always left at the guardhouse afterwards – another favourite trick of the crew was to sneak under leaky fuel tankers to catch some aircraft fuel, they must have fast movers to get away with it!   Then into Bill’s Jaguar it went and off…

RAF IX (B) Squadron

June 27, 2022

Bill spent most of his RAF time with RAF IX (Bomber) Squadron, the oldest dedicated Bomber Squadron in the RAF. At the start of the war in 1939 the Squadron was equipped with Wellingtons but by 1942 the Squadron was equipped with Avro Lancasters.   When Bill joined the Squadron in 1943 it was based at RAF Waddington and RAF Bardney.

Lincolnshire was then known as Bomber County because of the number of  RAF stations there.  It was a time when almost every night saw the bo…

Bill with his Riley

June 27, 2022

Bill loved cars, this Riley was one that he owned sometime in the late 1920's or early '30's.   This photo shows a happy carefree young man, unaware of what the future would bring.

Bill with his Wolsey

May 20, 2022

In this Blog, among other things, I shall be filling in more details of the lives of both Bill and his crews and the amazing strokes of luck I had during my search for information.

Occasional traces of Bill’s earlier life have come to light.  I have often wondered how he and my father first met.  They were not at school together.   A series of holiday photos taken in 1929 show Bill and my father enjoying a carefree holiday on the SS Orontes somewhere in the Med…