Night after Night

Night after Night

Publication: 28 Mar 2022

Night After Night is the fascinating WW II story of William Meyer, a man who kept a startling secret from both the RAF and his crew.

Determined to serve his country and become a pilot, William Meyer leaves the comparative safety of a ‘reserved occupation’ and volunteers. Following training in the USA and Scotland he joins RAF (IX) Squadron flying Lancasters. He and his crew become known for their outstanding performance.

Facing the unique stresses and strange duality of life in Bomber Command. William Meyer is caught between two worlds: the terrifying nights in the skies over Germany and ‘normal’ life on the ground. And always, at the back of his mind, the insistent thoughts of what tomorrow night may bring.

The author tells the remarkable tale of how she traced William Meyer’s time in the RAF and how his startling secret was discovered. Finally she describes the unexpected results of this search in present day Germany, and the shock as a last poignant link to the past is discovered there.


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A love of both history and a good story led me to write Night After Night. History is fascinating; the roots of where we are today lie in the past. Night After Night weaves historical fact with William Meyer’s personal experience in a moving story that describes the experiences of many of the men of Bomber Command. As first hand memories fade into history this book seeks to help ensure that what so many endured is not forgotten.
With this aim in mind the outstanding and moving International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln with its aim of recognition, remembrance and reconciliation will
receive all the proceeds of this book.